Friday, November 2, 2012

My Little Secret Blog Post Method!

I wrote this a week ago on my blog called : "I've been working on a new project with The 10K Challenge.

 Already it is day five and I am really impressed with what I have learned. Learning how to drive through safelists with a 'secret method' has opened my eyes tonight! Yes, I still am able to view the ads but I can now speed through them - especially the ones I've seen a million times! lol!

 I'm giving myself a challenge to spend only five minutes at least on one of my blogs per evening. My theory is to start out writing on a blog I don't care about so much and each night taking that one post and making it better as I move it to a different blog and add more and more pertanant content according to that other blog. In one week, I will have submitted blog posts on all my five biggest blogs.

 Hmm, we'll have to see how it goes! In this way, I will have something to build on each day and not waste my time blogging for hours on end! LOL AGAIN!"

 Since that time, that little secret method has been working. I mean really it only took me a few minutes to edit that post and give it a little more consideration and body for this blog! So I'm going to dub it a success! Now just need to ping my blogs on my 'blog announcer to the major blog directories to increase SEO. 


 PS: Thanks for your comments!

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