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How Legal Shield has effected my life

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In 2004 I was a busy elementary school teacher looking for a way to make some extra income.

By chance I was talking with a parent about it and they mentioned Legal Shield. After school I looked at the brochure and thought it sounded interesting. I then called the person on the business card the parent had given me and a friendly rep named Bryan came over to our house to see us.

Well long story made short, I saw value in having the membership and signed up for it immediately that night. As it turns out my wife and I have continued to use the membership since that time and still have it today! 

We realized that having an attorney to represent us and write letters for us and make phone calls on our behalf was just amazing - and all that for just a small monthly fee!

That first year an attorney wrote a letter to our cell phone company which gave us close to a hundred dollar refund. 

These are just a couple stories but needless to say we have used the service in many many ways such as having attorneys review contracts for us, give us tips on our financial decisions, advice about our mortgage and help us with threatening coworkers.

But when we first got the membership we didn't realize how much we would use it. Also, I was not exactly sure if I wanted to be a rep myself as the cost to be an associate was more than the extra money we had at the time.

But about a month later Bryan called me again and said the cost to join had gone down temporarily and would I like to join. I said yes this time and soon found my associate business pack in the mail. I was a little confused as where to start so I called Bryan again and he said they were going to have a meeting soon to go over it. 

I came over and ever since that night my life changed in many dramatic ways. I made about $500 dollars my first month and made 10x what I invested in the program. I also learned an important advertising strategy that brought me hundreds of potential clients - none of which were my friends or family.

Nevertheless, even though I had a rosy beginning, I was to learn some very important lessons that took years to learn. The first being that nothing worthwhile comes easily without pain and hard work. The next few years I earned a lot of money with the company but also spent a lot in my eagerness to be successful. I think I wanted it too badly because the harder I tried the further success flew from me. I think people could see I was trying too hard!

The second lesson was learned after five years working the business in my spare time. One of the things the business teaches you is to spend time every day expanding your mind learning from people who have been successful. And from this I learned from Donald Trump that if you want to be really successful in something you have to really love it and it truly has to be part of who you are. I slowly began to realize that over the last five years I was not putting energy into things I truly was passionate about.

This was a turning point and I began to decrease my energy in business and increase my focus on sailing - a dream and passion that is at my core. This led to my next lesson. That of balance. For four years I poured energy into getting my Captains license and obtaining my Sea Time.

But then I saw how God was more interested in who I was rather than in what I achieved.

I recognized a part of me that liked business - even though not as intense as my love of the ocean. I also saw how important it was to build residual income as opposed to having all your income come directly from your daily efforts. The question I asked myself was: 'What would happen when you are older and don't have as much strength as you used to?'

After the last few years of receiving hundreds of dollars in passive income from Legal Shield for memberships I had sold years ago ... I saw how valuable my Legal Shield business was. And along with the fact that I totally believe in the Legal Shield membership, the financial aspect of it is another reason why I am back once more sharing how important this is with others. Its a great business opportunity - and this time, for me, I'm doing this with more maturity, understanding and balance of my true passions in life: My friend in God, my wonderful family, my love of the sea and being in nature and my pursuits in business.

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