Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow! What a Day.!

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Wow! What a day! I got to walk with my daughter today as we walked our dog Buttercup together through the park. It was one of those really happy moments hanging out with my daughter and talking about star constellations and her Mexico trip that I will always remember! It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and the park looked so alive as we walked along the soft grass passing by its many varieties of trees and plants.

Wow! What another day! Lol! Its so funny. Yesterday It just so happened I got to spent some quality time with my daughter and today turned into a precious time with my son! On the way home from his acting class I decided to ask him if he would sing the songs he will be singing for in his play. I figured he just MIGHT still be young enough to not feel embarrassed by the request. I mean, he is a teenager after all, but only just turned. And he likes to perform - so I was just giving him another opportunity! Ha ha! And he wasn't deterred by the request at all - as many kids would be - and sang a whole bunch of his songs! I was elated. And to top it off, my daughter knew the songs too and joined in making it a joyful time. Wow - what an experience. Thank you God for beautiful moments in life. :-)

Will add more about these moments tomorrow. In the meantime check out this awesome song by Lincoln Brewster  and Darlene Zschech called 'The Power of Your Name'.  Its really beautiful! :) I have the link already downloaded for you from Youtube on my devotional blogsite. Here's the link:
I hope you've enjoyed my post: 'Wow what a day'. I would love to hear more about your day too! Feel free to leave me a message and join my site!

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