Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Thoughts


 Really great song. I was listening to this while I was at work and I started humming along with it and listening to the words. A few lyrics resinated with me: "When someone is as cold as ice, you can't try to change them with advice." and "I'm learning to be the light...

Tonight at our marriage group get together, I re-recognized the power of hate that we come to face at some time in our life and how it effects us for life. The way we react to it is often the way we react to it each time we come to face it again. If we could see behind the curtain and see how much hate the devil has for us and God it would astound us. The Bible calls the devil a murderer and the father of lies. Perhaps if we could realize where the true source of the hate really came from, we may be able to forgive the person who allowed it to flow through them to us. Maybe we can also see how we have been the ones to allow that same hate to flow through us to someone else and ask God to forgive us too. All these thoughts went through my head tonight!


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