Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online Advertising, One Step at a Time...

A Start I'm Proud of:

 I've spent hundered's of dollars in business' that I promoted for six months and never made a cent on. I'm mostly thankful for World Profit for the vast amount of information I have and am learning through knowing them. Its not just a business. It's personal friendships that we have developed together and a company that believes in one on one contact. This may seem strange in an automated internet world growing so far away from human connection, but it makes sense. People want to be around other REAL people and talk to someone that cares. This is what I have found in World Profit besides the enormous amount of internet knowledge and money that can be found here

Due to World Profit, I've been able to go from having two visitors a month to my site, to now having 200- 400 visitors per day!  I realize this is NOT the MOST amazing thing, but again, its a great start as I see it. Everyone starts somewhere and I feel like I'm doing 200% better that I was one month ago. Thanks World Profit!

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Screen Shot of Recent Pay Check From World Profit. It won't pay the rent, but its still a great start and because it's NOT 3,000,000 this month - you KNOW I'm NOT lying! lol!

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