Monday, October 8, 2012

Not As Easy As it Sounds

Went out sailing with my friend Mike yesterday. The time on the water really was a great break from all the business and work of the week. Working hours on end learning internet marketing and advertising is interesting and challenging but everyone needs a break. And there's nothing like an exhilarating time on the water to set your mind at ease. Had an awesome time watching Mike eventually take control over the boat. It may sound easy but it actually takes a lot of practice and dexterity to control the tiller, the boat, both jib lines and the sail all at the same time with the boat tilting drastically to the right or left with the power of the wind. In fact I have not seen anyone take over the boat all in the first day without my help. But Mike stepped up to the plate and took it on!

It was also fun seeing the expression on Mikes face when we went out to sea. There we were met by three to four foot waves. As Mike controlled the tiller over the bumpy waves, he explained his feelings by saying that it was more than he had bargained for! I laughed and dangled my feet in the cool ocean waves. Mike was doing great and I was not concerned with his sailing skills.After a few hours, we came sailing back into the calm harbor with the sails all out like the wings of a bird and soon had brought the boat into Mike's slip all under sail alone.


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