Friday, October 12, 2012

Free to be ME!

This weekend, I found peace on the water, heading out to sea on my boat. The wind has this amazing ability to captivate your mind (similiar to the way fire does) as it blows over the water. Yes, I feel a bit like a pirate out on the water. Whether I'm barefoot or wearing my holey pants (re-sewn several times with sail thread) or sailing at night with my kerosene lantern burning, I feel free to be just me!

Its one thing to be you, and another to earn additional income for doing things that you love. Learning a skill in something you love does not come overnight. 

It has taken me FOUR years to become experienced in sailing. But it only took me a FEW days to earn additional income with DIN. Still, creating CONSISTENT daily income is something that can take a lot longer! 

Here's my link to finding out more about DIN. Feel free to check it out but make sure you EMAIL me so I can tell you my secret of how I took DIN and have used it to create income with things I love - like sailing for instance! LOL! ;-) 

DIN Link:

You can reach me here:

Today, back in the real world, I started my new job working from home with 1NW. I called Commercial Realestate brokers to find out if they have any clients that are needing a private loan. So I made about 60 calls and I was done. After that I sent out 243,786 emails promoting my website. Thanks to World Profit ( I've learned how to go from a few visitors to knowing how to bring hundreds of new people to the website of my choice.

 The website I chose to promote was ASN: 
I love this business and want to share it with everyone! With its "Ability to Sell Almost ANYTHING Completely FREE...and Will Never Cost You a Dime - EVER." I find it most helpful and practical for most people. I then took my beautiful dog for a walk, watched a little TV with my family, ate dinner and then decided to write this post! 

Want to see what BIG WAVES REALLY look like? After you see this, if you want to read about the gale my friend and I went through off of Catalina Island with waves this size, check out my all sailing blog at and look for the series of true stories under 'Catalina Gale'.


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