Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What ARE We Building Anyway?!

Its a good question. One I had a hard time answering. In fact, I felt like I was answering it all wrong. My answer was "I'm trying to make money".

Sound like your answer? Well, it's bound to be most peoples. But its not the answer that really matters in life. Not that money isn't important. But have you ever gone after money without having something very valuable to give? Or have you ever known a baby to earn money? Exactly. It's what you are and what you have to give that's important. Money comes with experience and after having built something of value. Jesus said, "Seek God's Kingdom and all these things (necessities of life) would be added unto you."

So, here's the question that took me to the answer: "What am I building of consequence?" That is the real focus. Once you have built that, then you have something to be proud of AND something of value that will earn you money as well. But don't lose your focus there. Once you have money, than you have an even better chance of making what you have build even better and to make it available to more people.


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