Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What does Online Traffic &`Hiking Have to Do With Each Other?

Cool picture of a hike in Maine. Looks like an exciting hike!

 I'm so excited! I made 300 hits on my website yesterday. Its my first breakthrough past 250 views. I sent out 142,882 emails yesterday and 152,295 on Monday. I'm 'hiking' up the online 'traffic mountain'! Starting out on the trail at one and two hits, it took me six months to understand how to get to 16. From there it went to 32 to 116 and then 156. I might add that I got 1600 hits one time when I paid $25 for a one time ad campaign. But I definitely don't have $25 to give out every day unless I'm making more than $25 from all the hits.

 So learning to make traffic without having to pay through the nose is the road I'm on unless persuaded differently. Every hiking journey begins at the beginning, gets hot and tiring as you go along but eventually, after many breaks along the way, you get your walking legs and can carry on all day till you get to the top.

PS: Thanks for your comments!

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