Monday, September 24, 2012

September Sailing...ugh...

This morning I updated a sailing story from last year called 'Sailing in a Furious Rainstorm'. It was fun to read again! Here's an excerpt:

 “What are you doing going out in this? I’m freezing!” A man cried out to me from a racing sailboat passing by. I didn't realize sailing in rain and bad weather was part of the sport! I just smiled and waved back. I wanted to say how warm I was with three jackets on, two hats and a scarf and gloves. But I didn’t..."

This weekend I went on three consecutive sails, three days in a row. The first sail was at night, and was really exciting except it got into the scary too as a huge barge nearly ran into us! The second sail was an evening sail and the sunset was absolutely gorgeous! The third sail was an afternoon sail and the wind across the boat cooled us off from the scorching sun. I must add, I am beginning to put September sailing into my 'not favorite month to sail in' month as its really hot and feels like summer still, but has none of the advantages of it. The sun sets sooner thus making the wind die sooner and even so far the wind has been weak every day I've been out making me think that the September weather combination is not very effective for great sailing. So there you have it - my take on that! Lol!

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