Thursday, September 13, 2012


Good afternoon! Well since yesterday I have some exciting news. I have just been able to achieve 96 new people clicking on my website (up from 30 and then 50 recently). To increase my volume of people, I have been joining advertising safelist sites and using the free offers to send out ads. Because of my silver membership with World Profit, I have also tons of additional free bonus points on most of these too. I have to say, World Profit opens the doors to every kind of affiliate marketing you want to know about and join. It also gives you all the links plus free memberships in many of them and the training and even has set up all the advertising links for you. For example, I just got my imacro twitter account running and can now semi-automatically send out tons of Twitters that promote Click Bank products every day! Thats just one system. I haven't even got into Facebook, Amazon, 60 or so other affiliate products, SEO and our websites, blogsites, Newsletter marketing, and probably over 70 -100 pre-made business already made you can set up and sell!

In Proverbs it says the wise woman "...considers a field and buys it." Proverbs 31:16 This verse encouraged me. I've been looking at so many business the last few months and have looked into them and 'kicked the tires', so to speak. Many online business are just out to try and gouge you for money with little return. But the three business I have mentioned above have been way above the others and are motivated to help others and give more than they get from you. I got my first paycheck from the Daily Income Network, the knowledge of where to go next with the Millionaire Society and with World Profit, I have felt the most return and I know they mean business to help you make income - just from starting out money to being wealthy.

In the stock world, my friend Bryan "just sold a truckload of (stock) ZAGG purchased on 8/29/12 for 7.60 a share for 8.75...a 15% gain in two weeks." Great Work Bryan. I'm watching BIDU right now which is another stock we're both interested in.

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