Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My New Friends!

The other day, I met a lady name Serina Sophia. She made $5000 marketing online this last June. Somehow we became friends on and she gave me a lot of helpful advice. I was curious to see her website and so went to take a look. After viewing it, I was so inspired by it, I joined three quarters of her business as an affiliate and decided to make a blog that I could share daily whatever was on my mind and still show off the business that have given back to me more than what I have given them. If you haven't seen her blog, I would HIGHLY encourage you to look at it at It was in the process of looking through her business, that I came across the business called World Profit. When I got started with them (making my stream of income bigger), I found my new sponsor, Garry. Its a little difficult to explain here but I believe God spoke to me through his association. Thank you God! It was like finding a double dose of treasure!

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